FRIDAY'S HUM (3-24-06)

You're a day tripper from Montreal , shopping in downtown Burlington. Imagine coming out of a store on the Marketplace and seeing a parade - on a Wednesday - featuring ... a snowplow, a basketball team, drummers, brightly adorned vehicles and an assortment of kooks and weirdos. You must be thinking, " What a quirky place this Burlington is." Well, that's what happened yesterday, folks; a surprise parade among other things for outgoing Mayor Clavelle. Was he surprised?

The annual seal pup slaughter starts Saturday up north. It seems like it would take just one really creative mind to get the idea ball rolling - something we could do to create a win-win situation. Maybe a casino could be built near the Gulf of St. Lawrence, so the hunters (if you want to call them that) could earn a living without having to whack defenseless baby seals over the head time and time again.
Or how about a fabulously wealthy entrepreneur building a business complex up there, with production facilities, and letting these hardworking pupslayers get out their aggression by making something - anything! There has to be a better way! Any ideas? Think hard about this over the weekend.

Big weekend, friends, for the Vermont maple industry. Lots of events, open sugarhouses and yummy treats planned for Saturday and Sunday. More info can be had at

Lots of Duke fans in Vermont, including us. Tough game last night, but we had a feeling about LSU. A bad feeling. Sad to see J.J go out this way but hey, waste matter happens. He had a wonderful career with the Blue Devils and because of his strong work ethic, will be a solid NBA player. Props to LSU a young and very talented team.

How can one be productive while waiting for the light to change at the Five Corners In Essex. Why, just yesterday, we were able to read the entire 'DaVinci Code' as we idled. It was time well spent.


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