Please don't be scared away,beloved, by all the chatter regarding an iffy crop of maple syrup this year. We just purchased a half gallon from Palmer's Sugarhouse in Shelburne and it was extra yummy on our blueberry pancakes.

Word on the street has Decelles winning tomorrow's runoff in Ward 7, Burlington. Our prediction is Descelles by 65 votes. Incumbent Ellie Blaise has done good work for Burlington but will narrowly miss being in the winner's circle.

The Middlebury men's hockey team won the NCAA Division III championship yesterday against St. Norbert. Who the blank is St. Norbert, you might ask. No, St Norbert is not an obscure cult from 'The DaVinci Code,' it's a great bunch of hockey players from Wisconsin. Unfortunately, they were the poor souls who had to face the mighty shutout brigade from Middlebury and gosh, they were shut out. Helmets off anyway to the game St. Norbert squad and BIG congrats to the Panther hockey teams, men and women.


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