Millions of people are gonna be having dinner with Katie Couric in a few months. This morning KC announced her plans to switch networks - she's on her way to CBS to anchor the Evening News. Ironically, ratings have been rising with Bubba Schieffer at the helm. People like him. He's like the wise old owl you'd see at Aubuchon Hardware, chewing the fat with one of the older clerks. Charlie and Ernie of WVMT with some funny stuff the other day regarding Katie, basically wondering out loud what most of us are thinking. Why Couric? Who cares? Will it bring the ratings way up? And if CBS wants to get the ratings way up, why not bring in a Fox hottie or a bizarre novelty choice like Tom Delay. Whatever.

Massachusetts making big move to approve bill making sure all of it's citizens have coverage in five years or less. It's unchartered territory - they're the first state to jump this far off the healthcare diving board. It's gonna be a learn as you go thing, but hats off to the lawmakers for just doing it.! Ask yourself. Do you honestly know where Vermont is going with it's healthcare plans. We know. More meetings. More bickering. More bullshit.

Kid's book illustrator Harry Bliss appearing tonight at the Williston Library. What a treat for your little Johnny and for you.

Geez. Everywhere we turn there is something about country music. First, Garth Brooks ex is kidnapped at gunpoint by an enraged farm employee. He released her after she threatened to keep singing.
Next we have Hank Williams Jr. in some sort of a tiff with a nineteen year old waitress. We didn't care enough to keep reading, but what a field day for Larry the Cable Guy. He's got material for the next 3 years.
Last but not least, Rascal Flatts is coming to the Fair! They're big, but check out the opening act, Gary Allan. He's good, man.

Was able to do something at the Essex Junction Five Corners light that I have been wanting to do for years. Have you ever seen those ship in a bottle kits they sell at places like Ben Franklin? Well, I had one in the car and figured the Five Corners light was long enough for me to finally finish the project. I did, the ship in the bottle looks great and I was very proud of myself. I want to sincerely thank the officials in Essex for keeping the wait time extra long at the intersection so I have time during the day to finish fun projects like this. Increasingly, I'm finding my stays at the red light in Essex to be very peaceful, a kind of spiritual respite. The end.


Blogger Mel said...

I was just browsing blogs and came across yours due to the Gary Allan comment. However, the 5 Corners light post was hysterical! Been there, done that at Pioneers and Stacy Lane here in Nebraska. Late to work every day...

12:51 AM  

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