THURSDAY'S HUM ( 5-11-06 )

Progressive talk radio's darling, Air America, loses NY affliiate, according to MediaWeek.
Ratings are abysmal, suggesting even true blue libs don't want to hear how bad their country is day after day. Also, nobody seems to know or care about the hosts. Stephanie Miller? Don't know her. Mike Malloy? Who? Laura Flanders? Don't care. The only big name the network has is FrankenBerry, and it's rumored he's got better things to do. Local affiliate WVAA 1390 was heard soliciting donations the other day. Sad.


Blogger Haik Bedrosian said...

Are Air America's rating's abysmal? Tell as what they are.

I listen to it every day. There are a lot of great hosts besides Frankin. Tom Hartman, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy... All Great!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Brattlerouser said...

Check the arbitron ratings for a more accurate system on radio ratings. This is no surprise that AA and WLIB are parting ways. I think it has nothing do with the networks performance but rather an on-going feud between the station and the network going back to when AA was launched.

AA is doing well because it fills a much needed niche market. The only feedback I can give (speaking as a former employer for an AA affiliate) is that they don't really take care of their affiliates. They don't check in, never gave us promo stuff, rude over the phone, etc. If anything, that could lead to the demise of AA but someone will fill it up. Progressive talk radio is NOT unsuccesful. Perhaps it's just bad business practices by the AA network (speaking from my own experience).

11:55 AM  

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