WEEKEND HUM ( 5-20-06 )

WCAX reports L. Bush visit for Martha cooked up 135 grand. They did the math for us. 225 paid 200 clams, and 18 sunk down 5k. That's 135,000, folks, and that's decent coin. Rainville doesn't get to keep all of it, but every little bit helps; especially against moneybags Welch. She's gonna need the cash, 'cuz the Vermont primary is a wild animal. Many people still ask us who can vote in the primary, so here goes according to the Sec of State.

' Everyone can vote in the primary election - but you can only vote on one ballot. You will be given three ballots - a Democrat, Republican and Progressive ballot. You mark one of the ballots and put the remaining two into a discard bin. Which ballot you choose is private.'

So, you know what that means, beloved. Right leaners huffed at GW are going in that booth voting for the Good Shepard and left leaners are going into that booth voting for the Good Shepard, 'cuz they despise Rainville's roots with the admin and they can afford to put their party's ballot in el discardo bino.
We heard somewhere, maybe VMT's C&E show, that early informal polls suggest the Rainville - Shepard race is a dead heat - but who knows. We do know it will be an interesting primary.

I was at the Essex Junction Five Corners Light so long this morning my car depreciated 2,000 bucks. I'm not kidding. The guy from Capital in Essex came over while I was idling and said, " Hey, Boy - since you been at this here light , the value of yer car has gone down substansurly." (sic) Writers - don't you love hangin' a sic once in a while. Also, have you noticed more newspapers are putting [sic] in parentheses than brackets. Picky - picky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Dennis Morrisseau in all of this?

11:31 AM  
Anonymous DJC said...

With 2 votes, that's where!

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Does anyone think Rainville should've received more votes at the straw poll considering she had Laura Bush visit the day before?

11:31 AM  

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