THURSDAY'S HUM ( 6-08-06 )

People interested in learning CPR could go to the Sunset Drive-In during the day and sit in their cars while listening to the instructor, who would be parked near the movie screen, giving lessons over the car radio. It would be like a giant PowerPoint presentation, and maybe the snack bar could open up. Why not? In Williston, land of the GIANT SUVs, they started drive-through voting and were moderately successful - although environmentalists would say they were mildly...destructive. Hey, how about drive-through colonoscopies, or better yet - drive-through triple-bypass operations.
Let's get back to the Williston numbers. There were 4 times the drive-through voters than there were walk-ins and according to the Town of Williston website, the vote tally was 733 in favor of a new police station, and 537 opposed. There were no official numbers on how many gallons of gas were used during the voting process.

Chin Ho! tunes at the rest area? WCAX with a report on Big Heavy World's computer installation at the Williston welcome center. The 'puter will be programmed to play music from local musicians, with the blessing of Ed Von Turkovich, director of the Vermont Information Centers. Big Heavy World is a local non-profit which promotes local tunage. Other rest areas will eventually follow suit. Excellent idea.

We're fortunate to have many native Vermonters passionate about the state and it's welfare. Lots of Hum lately about local talent running for office, individuals born and bred in the Green Mountains. John Tracy, Matt Dunne, Mark Shepard and Brian Dubie. But let's not forget about Scott Wheeler, candidate for the Orleans district of the House of Reps. He's got Northeast Kingdomite spring water running through his veins. You might recognize his name from a few bylines with the The Chronicle or from The Northland Journal. That's his baby. The Caledonian-Record tells Scott's story much better than we ever could. Read it here.

Got really bored at the Essex Junction Five Corners Light this morning so I left my car and started talking to other idlers. We came up with a great idea!
Why not Five Corners voting?
With people stuck at the intersection for hours with little to do, why not take a cue from Williston and have voting done right from the window. Maybe Essex officials could spice it up and deliver ballots on roller skates, just like the old A&W carhops. And after we vote, we get a free root beer. Yeah!


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