WEEKLY HUM ( 07-31-06 )

Here we go again. Yet another celeb busted for driving under the influence. Mel Gibson was pulled over for speeding and was found to have a BAL over .10, which is a no-no in this day and age. Mel, Mel, Mel.
To the countless other rich and famous people who read this blog, remember our advice from last week.

Our Humdrum award for letter to the editor of the week goes to primary care physician Deborah Richter for her biased yet careful summation of the differences between Sanders and Tarrant with regard to health care. In a nutshell she submits:
  • Tarrant wants to provide insurance to everyone, yet does not state how it will be paid for. Sanders wants insurance for all, but states that it must be publicly funded.
  • Richter points out that every industrialized nation in the world has a publicly funded budget for health care coverage, spend less than we do, and live longer, which is certainly debatable.
  • "Rich Tarrant's heart may be in the right place," she says. "But what we need now are clear-eyed, realistic answers to a problem spinning out of control. Bernie Sanders has the right handle on this. We need public financing of medical care, public control of overall health care costs, and above all we need a real functioning health care system."
Sure, the letter sounds like standard Sanders supporter stock, but it also smacks of a frustrated practicing primary doc, trying to navigate the swirling and chilly waters of Vt. health care.
This letter appears in the July 26 issue of the Vermont Times.

The halcyon days of July and August are also the calm days of the Vermont blogosphere. A vacation here, a wayward post there; it seems like our local blog friends relish the cessation of hyperactivity and are regrouping in preparation for a lively and stimulating September. Hall Monitor, a Hum fave, is taking some time in August to chill, and other blogs are taking it easy.
Conversely, a newer blog seems to be posting and tinkering furiously; here is the link for Green Mountain Hard Right.

Skidded up to the Essex Junction Five Corners Light and received bad news from a fellow idler. The red light was going to be a long one, he told me, cuz a village official was in a really bad mood and decided to take it out on motorists, programming the light so it would change only every six hours. I shrugged and didn't much care because I had just come from the Brownell Library and was clutching a brand new copy of 'In the Land of the Wild Onion', written by Dummerston's Charles Fish. The book outlines Fish's journey on the Winooski River from Cabot to Lake Champlain. I was able to read the entire book AND walk it back over to library before the six hour light changed. Real relaxing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What your letter to the editor didn't point out was that sanders has never had a real job and Tarrant has created thousands.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous cresmer said...

That Fish book is really good. I read it for a story I wrote about him for Seven Days. I got to spend a whole day with him, checking out interesting spots from the book. Hope you enjoy it.

I also highly recommend hiking up to Allen's Rock. That was probably my favorite stop.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Ggirl said...

A brand new poll suggests that Tarrant's candidacy is way behind, to the point of no return. Maybe he should use his war chest to help out Rainville, whose star is rising.

12:45 PM  
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Anonymous VERMONT HUM said...

Ed. note - Although the Five Corners Update is presented in a semi-fictional format, we actually did take out the book 'In the Land of the Wild Onion' from the Brownell and were able to read a small morsel at the intersection. Oh, and we were the first ones to check it out. Yippee!

9:51 AM  
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