WEEKLY HUM ( 08-013-06 )

I'm Not Speeding, I'm Qualifying! That, folks is the latest addition to the bumper sticker hall of fame.
Speaking of bumper stickers, have you noticed how the Tarrant campaign has produced different versions of their stickers; for example, Small Business Owners for Tarrant and Veterans for Tarrant. Have yet to see one that reads, Dems for Tarrant.

Ratings from the latest Arb book have been released and we'll give you a rundown next week. Radio stations WOKO 98.9 and STAR 92.9 at the top of the heap.

Remember, a few months ago, hearing the story of weathervanes being stolen in small towns. Well, no wonder. A wethervane at a New Hampshire auction just sold for 1.2 million. Jeezum crow! That's more than A-Rod makes per game. The weathervane, which was perched on top of a Rhode Island train depot for over 80 years, was copper plated, which drives thieves batty. Lately, anything copper is like, um, gold.

Bet we know one dude who's all for the invasion of Iraq. Lee Greenwood, whose career had been steadily declining, is back, folks, with his patriotic song, God Bless the U.S.A. Greenwood will be appearing live at Norwich University's Kreitzberg Arena on September 23rd to welcome back the troops. The show, which will cost between $20 and $35, will also feature fireworks.

Need some help understanding the situation in southern Lebanon? Our HumDrum award for letter of the week goes to Yasima Kamal of Sheldon,Vt. His Burlington Free Press My Turn piece is a powerful presentation, illustrating some particulars of the Israeli-Hezbollah-Lebanese conflict which, in our opinion, have received little attention. Even if you have zero opinion on the strife, please take 7 minutes of your time and read this gem from August 12.

FIVE CORNERS UPDATE - The Essential Collection
Got caught up with some photographs yesterday at the Essex Junction Five Corners Light. I was able to organize and fill three photo albums before the light finally changed. The Five Corners is rapidly becoming a place where I get a helluva lot accomplished! I don't know what I would do if they put a roundabout in there and I had to keep moving.


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