FRIDAY'S HUM ( 10-20-06 )

Our award for letter of the week goes to Jeff Spengler of Colchester, who is willing to do the cooking if his wife is elected state rep from Colchester. We selected this letter from the Colchester Sun on account of Jeff's unflagging loyalty, puppy dog enthusiasm and just plain cutesy wutesy writing style. We don't know if we want to eat Jeff's cooking, but we do admire his spunk. To get to know his candidate wife Kristy Spengler a little bit better, read this:

"Go for it Kristy

Hi. It's me again, Kristy's husband, Jeff. Some of you may remember my letter to the editor entitled "Don't do it Kristy" a few weeks ago, where I playfully bemoaned her running for office and the extra dinners I would have to cook but concluded she was the right person for the job.
My mantra of "Don't do it" has become "Go For it", and she is. Kristy has been tirelessly working, talking with constituents, hitting the neighborhoods week after week. She returns home full of interesting stories of discussions and observations from our neighbors from all parts of our district. She is very encouraged by the enthusiasm and encouragement she is being met with. She is listening and learning. I think this is what makes Kristy such a great advocate for Colchester. She has conviction and a clear vision of what is important, but she is open minded and continues to assimilate all the information and exchanges she is enjoying. She is listening intently and would bring these views to Montpelier. This is a key to a successful representative. I don't really trust someone who is close minded and proclaims they know all the answers. I want a representative that will remain open minded and work with others to move forward on important issues like global warming, health care for all Vermonters, and fair taxation. Solutions to these problems are not simple and the ability to work together will be the key to success.
I know Kristy better than anyone else (Ok, maybe her mother would debate this), but she has the right stuff. Kristy is enthusiastic, well meaning, honest and one of the nicest people in Colchester. With those attributes, her conviction, her fresh set of eyes and ears, and willingness to listen and learn, we can't miss.
Go for it Honey...I'll do the cooking!"

Jeff Spengler

FIVE CORNERS UPDATE - Essential collection
Really had fun at the Essex Junction Five Corners light yesterday. Knowing it would be a while before the light turned green, a fellow idler and I got out the Parcheesi board and played a spirited game. It had been so long since I had played Parcheesi and it felt great. The light changed just as the game ended. Perfect timing!


Blogger Ghost Dog said...

Good lord. I haven't been back home to VT (EJHS '89) in ages. That light is *still* long? Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

11:42 PM  

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