"Day in and day out I see people crying about the wealthy, saying it is unfair they have money, and we should tax them more. Of course, the whiners never explain that taxing the wealthy out of spite does nothing more than hurt our economy, take away the incentives to work hard, and ultimately lead to economic stagnation. Socialism has been tried, and it fails. Vermonters might want to look up the Soviet Union and see how awesome socialism is.

Bottom line is, if you feel you do not have enough money, get a job, get a second job, or get some loans and go back to school. Do not blame society, or the rich people -- who often are the ones giving you the job -- for your ills.

And by the way, to the "Robin Hood" supporters of "rob from the hard working and give to the lazy," well, go back to school and take some economics lessons, folks. Tax revenue is up since the Bush tax cuts, and the economy is doing very well. Lower taxes provide people and business the money to invest in the economy, hire workers, and provide nice salaries, isn't that what you want? Sounds like people just want handouts and are mad that other people work harder than them."
Essex Junction

Folkies in mourning after fire damages Ooma's Restaurant in Bellows Falls. Restaurant known for being gathering place and also for featuring damn good musicians. The place had recently changed hands.