WEDNESDAY'S HUM ( 10-11-06 )

Lib Union offering Jerry Levy with halted rambling during the VPR Auditor of Accounts debate made an interesting debate even more interesting. Levy stammered something about not being the best technical person for the job but would give 100 per cent. He's also directed plays which makes him uniquely qualified for the position. Levy wasn't at the debate - his segment was taped. Here's the wrap on the major candidates:
  • Republican incumbent Randy Brock was solid, having an answer for most everything. He's proud of keeping politics out of the office, and doubly proud of completing state audits in a timely manner, something that hadn't been commonplace in the past. When Martha Abbott tried to corner him about living in Florida part-time, Brock was steadfast, saying he's taken some long weekends to the Sunshine State but does not live there. He stated he has a car with lots of miles, all of those miles logged in Vermont.
  • Dem candidate Tom Salmon needs more debate experience; at times he had a lightweight timbre not unlike Dan Quayle. He was strong when he pointed out he's the only one in the race with a college accounting degree and is a CPA. Brock is not. When Brock pointed out that Salmon had not held a job since 1993, Salmon defiantly stated that was false; he worked for a firm from 2002 -2003.
  • Martha Abbott sounded confident and answered questions thoroughly. She admitted unapologetically that she is carrying a political agenda though the campaign.


FIVE CORNERS UPDATE - Essential collection
Light was so long at the Essex Junction Five Corners yesterday, I was able to eat an entire Martone's grinder from start to finish while idling. Have you ever had one their grinders - the thing is like 18 feet long. It was delicious and messy but I was also able to clean up with some stray baby wipes and take a short nap before the light changed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can one be an auditor and not be a cpa?

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a Salmon sign yesterday and the letters CPA were prominently displayed. Salmon seems qualified for the position.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone watch out for the disingenuousness of Tom Salmon Jr. How much do you wanna bet he will use the Auditor of Accounts office as a stepping stone for a higher office.
Stay with someone who actually cares about being auditor, Randy Brock, who has done a great job!

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Won't Republi-chick be surprised when Martha Abbott wins the race?

1:55 PM  

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