MONDAY'S HUM ( 12-11-06 )

Matt Dunne with good exposure over the weekend on Lib superblog Daily Kos, which generates about half a million unique visitors EVERY DAY, slightly more than the Hum.
Dunne's service politics campaign, which the Vermont Hum cheered on in an October article, is featured in a lengthy column written by Democrat 'puter guru Eric Loeb, who has rubbed elbows with Clinton and Gore.
Loeb gushingly describes the nuts and bolts of Dunne's service actions, which, in some ways, mirror the efforts of Loeb and his org, Goodworks-PAC. Loeb writes: " As the founder of Goodworks-PAC, my goal is to alter the flow of money in politics so that a substantial portion of every campaign's budget will go toward solving real problems as a necessary part of the campaign. "
Read the rest of the piece now.

FIVE CORNERS UPDATE - Essential Collection
It was bumper sticker heaven at the Essex Junction Five Corners Light yesterday. The car in front of me had one that read, Tailgaiters Buy My Cars, while the car up ahead in the right lane had a message stating, Your Little Princess is My Little Whore. The lady in the first vehicle looked to be a cigarette afficionado, and the gentleman driving the rusty princess whore vehicle looked, well, undereducated.
There were also numerous trucks with numbers on them, presumably carrying drivers who just can't get enough Nascar in their lives. Those drivers also looked, well, undereducated. But macho.
The best bumper sticker simply said, Breathe Deeply, which is not a good idea at the Five Corners, or as I lovingly call it, Idler's Cove. But I breathed deeply anyway, and felt better for it.


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