WEDNESDAY'S HUM (01-03-07)

PoliticsVt, one of the more responsible members of the online pol community here in Vermont, will be blasting out of the blogosphere sooner than later, leaving us with a recent string of strong posts.
Here are some articles worthy of mention.

Jan 2 - The Rumor Mill: Is Douglas Ready For New Things?
It's a great piece for the local political junkies among us.

Dec 27 - The Passing of a President: Gerald Ford

PoliticsVt cherishes the memory of President Ford.

Bravo, PoliticsVt. Thanks for the good work.


Ever wanted to keep tabs on local gas stations - just to see who's charging what? Well, we're starting a new weekly feature that keeps tabs on eight stations in Essex, where we're based. We figure we'll have fun seeing what each station charges each week.

Latest prices on the right. Dec 4/ Dec 11/ Dec 19/Dec 26/Jan 2

Five Corners Simon's - Mobil - $2.31/$2.31/$2.35/$2.37/$2.35

Maplefields Essex - Mobil - $2.33/$2.33/$2.35/$2.37/$2.39

Essex Discount Bevy - Citgo - $2.33/$2.33/$2.33/$2.39/$2.39

Bushey Sunoco - Full - $2.35/ $2.35/$2.29/$2.39/$2.39

Dave Whitcomb Citgo - Full - $2.35/$2.35/$2.35/$2.45/$2.45

Go Go Gas - ? - $2.29/$2.27/$2.35/$2.35/$2.35

Champlain Farms - Exxon - $2.31/$2.33/$2.37/$2.35/$2.37

Fairgrounds Bev Citgo - $2.31/$2.33/$2.36/$2.37/$2.39

Week 5 notes:
  • Go-Go has a rep of low pricing, but what kind of gas is it?
  • Are prices going to go up or down? See ya next week.

Brought my clean laundry to the Essex Junction Five Corners light yesterday and had a folding party. I threw on the CD, VERMONT SONGS, with Marty Morrissey and Robert Resnick, opened the Fritos and proceeded the fold and organize 26 loads of clothes. The light turned green just as I finished finding the mate to that last pesky sock. It was perfect!


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5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a double weasel, flyingsoon

5:26 PM  
Blogger Fells said...

On my way to the studio, I thought driving through the Five Corners wouldn't be bad. (I go to work at 4:30 am) Yes, I was wrong and ended up at the light for way too long. Why don't they build a rotary there???

6:14 PM  
Anonymous crater said...


Stick that gift card where the sun don't shine!

Remember - you are a parasite.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous s. carroll said...

A main hurdle, Mr. Fells, for the addition of a rotary at the five corners is the presence of numerous railroad tracks lining the perimeter of the intersection. It has been deemed inviable on account of said reason.

I support your wish of a better way.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:03 AM  

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