WEDNESDAY'S HUM (01-10-07)

Remember Susan Bartlett, D-Lamoille ? Went to Bali during an important part of the 2006 legislative session?
Let us refresh your memory with a Hum article from May 4, a very crucial time at the statehouse.

THURSDAY'S HUM ( 5-04-06 )
From the halls of Fletcher Allen to the sidestreets of Brattleboro, considerable HUM re: Senator Sue ( Bali Girl ) Bartlett and her trip to the South Seas. You see, it's kind of an important time at the Statehouse right now. There is a budget being crafted and Bali Girl is chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee. It would be nice to have her there helping out. Unfortunately, she had to jet off to Bali for a conference, leaving half the state of Vermont shaking their heads and saying, "What's up with that?" What is up with that?

Great, huh? She's back to run the APP Com again. With her experience, she can certainly be an asset - IF SHE'S IN THE COUNTRY!

As Johnny Mac would say, "You cannot be serious!"
The hapless state Republican Party cannot be seriously considering the selection of either Alan Parent or Rob Roper as GOP chair, two individuals who have been part of losing campaigns in the past few years.
Former Rep. Parent from Franklin County ran unsuccessfully for a state Senate seat this fall and Roper, get this, worked on the 2004 McMullen campaign. Boy, that's an impressive blip on one's resume.
No - what the Repubs need is some fresh blood; individuals with more than a modicum of creativity and compassion, not some recycled ying yangs from failed seasons past.
Who do we suggest ? Dunno. Send us some names.


Ever wanted to keep tabs on local gas stations - just to see who's charging what? Well, we're starting a new weekly feature that keeps tabs on eight stations in Essex, where we're based. We figure we'll have fun seeing what each station charges each week.

Latest prices on the right. Dec 4/ Dec 11/ Dec 19/Dec 26/Jan 2/Jan 9

Five Corners Simon's - Mobil - $2.31/$2.31/$2.35/$2.37/$2.35/$2.37

Maplefields Essex - Mobil - $2.33/$2.33/$2.35/$2.37/$2.39/$2.39

Essex Discount Bevy - Citgo - $2.33/$2.33/$2.33/$2.39/$2.39/$2.39

Bushey Sunoco - Full - $2.35/ $2.35/$2.29/$2.39/$2.39/$2.37

Dave Whitcomb Citgo - Full - $2.35/$2.35/$2.35/$2.45/$2.45/$2.39

Go Go Gas - ? - $2.29/$2.27/$2.35/$2.35/$2.35/$2.35

Champlain Farms - Exxon - $2.31/$2.33/$2.37/$2.35/$2.37/$2.37

Fairgrounds Bev Citgo - $2.31/$2.33/$2.36/$2.37/$2.39/$2.36

Week 6 notes:
  • Ooh! Gonna rush right out and get that mystery gas for 2 cents cheaper.
  • Even though gas prices are falling, it historically takes over a month to see much change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ain't mcmullen the one that lost against fred?

how about a farmer to lead the party?

11:48 PM  
Anonymous vt23 said...

Re: Republican Party Chair

Maybe someone from the business community could run the party and set a tone of organization and competence, NOT one of partisanship and authoritarianism.
Just maybe...

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Mickey Mouse to lead the Republicans?
Probably do a better job!!!!

10:04 AM  

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