MONDAY'S HUM (02-05-07)

  • Colts owner Robert Irsay and Colts Coach Tony Dungy credit The Lord for big win. Who can argue ?
  • Peyton Manning is the real thing. For Rex Grossman -- it was a learning opportunity.
  • Colts 'D' played like, um, the Bears 'D'.
  • The Colts backfield, Rhodes and Addai, deserve a lot of credit for the win. 200+ total yards.
  • Prince didn't take off his clothes, and played a mean axe. Not embarassing.
  • Super Bowl spots went for 2.5 mil. That's for 30 seconds. Think of the coin the car dudes spent.
  • The best ads: Snickers, Doritos, Letterman-Winfrey and a couple of the Coke spots.
  • The suckiest ads were from and Dunkin' Donuts. Careerbuilder ran at least three spots and they all stunk. Dunkin' Donuts has the incredibly lame tag line "America runs on Dunkin". No.
  • Broadcast team of Nantz and Simms solid, yet dull. Would've been fun to have Trump and Rosie in the booth, as well.
Share your thoughts on the big tilt. Make a comment. Please.

Big tailgate party at the Essex Junction Five Corners light yesterday. The village, knowing we were going to be idling at the light for hours, possibly days, set up a big screen TV so we could watch the Super Bowl. In fact, the the TV was HD, which gave us a better picture than most of us had at home.
There happened to be a catering truck waiting at the light, and the driver passed around munchies to us all, which was mighty nice of her. She was also worried about spoilage; maybe she was thinking the light wouldn't change 'til Tuesday or Wednesday, and the food would go bad.
A couple of Essex High cheerleaders got out of their Honda and jokingly practiced their routines, cheering for the Bears, instead of the Hornets.
A guy who looked like Tony Dungy got out of his truck and paced the intersection, pretending he was coaching the Colts.
A group of idlers on the Pearl Street side of the light had a beer delivery truck close by, so they bribed the driver and proceeded to deliver frosty beverages to each one of the 96 people waiting at the light. We all made sure to stop after 2 beers, ensuring that we would be fine to drive, in case the light turned green before the game ended. It didn't.

All in all, we had a great time, and kinda hated to leave when red turned to green.


Blogger yj855458 said...

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8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest hit of the night was on a cameraman in the corner. He was a trooper and stayed with his rig.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Colts runners would have gotten nowhere without the big front line, who are underrated yet they are one of the best fronts in the league.
The Colts defense allowed Grossman to have no rhythm.
Pretty good game to watch.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys outdid yourselves with the Five Corners Update.
This is the funniest one yet and we've been reading them since last summer!

1:08 PM  

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