MONDAY'S HUM (02-26-07)

Kyle Cieplicki scores 26 in UVM win over Hartford
Big party at Patrick yesterday with seniors Klimes and Holm being honored and Rice grad KC throwing in a big 26, his college career high. Cats on a sugar high going into this weekend's tournament in Beantown. They will beat Hartford again on Saturday, after Hartford squeaks by Stony Brook.

"Babel" is now one of the departed.
Notes from the 79th Academy Awards:
  • Biggest stumper was German film(can't remember name) coming from nowhere to take the Best Foreign crown. The "Pan's Labyrinth" folks must have wicked hangovers this morn. After all, they were SUPPOSED to win it.
  • Big event "Babel" seemed like the perfect Best Pic flick. It was buried by Scorcese and entrails. Babel's Brad Pitt was not seen at the Oscars; he should have been nominated for Best Actor instead of Will Smith.
  • Oscar went sentimental and picked Arkin over Murphy for Best Supporting. Mild surprise.
  • Al Gore lovefest last night. He brought his global warming message to a billion people. Funny moment occurred when he pretended to make a big announcement but was shut off by the music, letting him know his 45 seconds were up.
  • Oscar NOT sentimental with Pete O'Toole, who lost for the eighth time. Next year, my man.
  • "Cars" ignored - was favored to win Best Animated. "Happy Feet" must have had some Academy pull.
  • Steve Carell had the best line: " Sound editing is very much like sex. It's usually done alone, late at night, surrounded by electronic gadgets."
  • "Departed" Producer King gave high marks to Leo DiCaprio during his Best Pic acceptance.
  • It was great when Celine Dion came out to sing. It gave everyone a chance to take care of toileting and snack concerns.
  • Ellen light, breezy and pretty funny as new host. She bounced around the auditorium, conducting mock interviews and jokingly trying to get Marty S. to look at a script she just happened to have in her hand. Hilarious moment came when Ellen was vacuuming and found some rolling papers. She said they probably belonged to the band. We expect Ellen will be invited back next year.
  • No!!!! Not Randy Newman again!!! ARRRGGGGG!!!!!


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