MONDAY'S HUM (04-02-07)

There's a new radio station in northern Vermont, one that promises to give WOKO a run for its money.
OKO, considered by some to be rusting on its laurels and as stale as a two dollar bill, plays new and old country at 98.9 FM.
The new station will feature MATT on mornings and former Star 92.9 luminary Jenny Foxx doing mid-days.
It will offer crisp liners, cutting edge country tunes, live jocks, and extensive marketing support. Watch out!


It's almost a hobby watching Jim Douglas not only fend off his Dem detractors, but turn the tables, putting most of 'em on the defensive. The Democratic majority in the legislature is putting forth an anemic showing, alternately quibbling amongst themselves or sponsoring legislation that has either zero chance of going anywhere or becoming bills that are not pleasing to many. On Friday, even the Vermont This Week crew seemed to be expressing mild amazement at how the Douglas mastery continues despite a minority party presence.
It is humorous watching the Gov's press conferences; the embarrasing buffoon, Peter "Nastyboy" Freyne, keeps trying to viciously nab Douglas on one subject or another, and Douglas just slips out of the verbal chains, like an intellectual Houdini. Wonder how the nasty Freyne sleeps at night.

Speaking of Peter Freyne, Snarky Boy points out that Nastyboy's boss's boyfriend is none other than Tim Ashe, a prog who's running for Burlington city council prez, and whom Freyne has been giving a lot of ink to, while conveniently not mentioning the conflict of interest. Hmmm.
God love Snarky Boy for the truth. Lookie here at the Snark's stuff:
Finally, let me end this episode of snark with a bit of pure media gossip. Peter Freyne of Seven Days gave more ink to Burlington City Councilor Tim Ashe (P-Ward 3) in his column this week. And while I hear he’s a great guy from most, I read it and wondered why he’s so frequently getting mentioned by Freyne but so infrequently by anyone else in the media. Even Freyne seems to be questioning his own decision to give him ink when, after announcing that Ashe may run for council president, he concludes: “…it doesn’t look like he’s got a chance at council presidency.”

Well, yeah, we all know that. So why the ink, Peter? Hmm, could it be that Tim Ashe is the boyfriend and housemate to one of Peter’s bosses, Paula Routly? And while there’s clearly nothing wrong with the connection, it would seem more than a bit appropriate to disclose this little fact while writing about his political aspirations in the paper his lover publishes and edits, no? Imagine the field day Peter would have if the Free Press pulled this kind of stunt….


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Hum for letting us know Jenny Fox is back on the air.The best part is she is returning to her country roots.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although Freyne is biased, he doesn't hide it.
He works for a leftwing newspaper and is pretty much toeing the company line.
It's no surprise that he's constantly taking on the conservatives. That's his job!
Do agree with the Hum about how Freyne sleeps at night. He must have a lot of enemies.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've also seen some of the press conferences you mentioned and you can almost see some of the other press personnel cringe when freyne opens his mouth. Most of the media is professional and respectful

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Fellow Otis:
Thanks for the kind words. Jenny is excited to be in another 'country'.

Those Yanks gonna win it all this year?

1:39 PM  
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