WEEKEND HUM (05-19-07)

  1. BURLINGTON FREE (MONEY-GRUBBING) PRESS - Gosh, it's so nice of the Free Press to offer City Marathon congrats messages in the May 28 issue. Oh, wait a minute. There's a slight charge for those messages. More than slight. A 1x2 goes for $34.50, and a 2x2 goes for, gulp, 69 bucks! Wow! The ad also states that "Larger sizes are available. Call for pricing." Call for pricing? No thanks.
  2. LEGISLATURE ADJOURNS; PROPERTY TAXES STILL HIGH - No prob, Gaye. For most of us here in Vermont, our property taxes levels are too low, anyway. And, hey, Shummy, don't worry. The impeachment thing was much more important. Besides - most Vermonters are just kidding about property taxes killing 'em. It's not a big deal.
  3. RICE HIGH BASEBALL COACH MIKE PEARO GATHERS 400TH WIN - He's such a good guy, we can't even think of anything sarcastic. Darn!
  4. EXTRA TAX ON VERMONT YANKEE - Naw. Last week we told you it would go away. It will as soon as JD brandishes his gold-plated sharpshooting veto pen.
  5. RANDOLPH HERALD'S DRYSDALE HITS THE BIGS - M. Dickey Drysdale joins the panel on VPR's Vermont This Week, rubbing elbows with Hallenbeck and Kinzel. Hey, how come Snarky Boy hasn't received an invite?
  6. O'REILLY. LIPPERT. SENATORS SNIPING. - Was that a reality TV episode? The O'Reilly people looked like bullies, the crowd of legislators embarassed themselves and some onlookers overreacted. Hell - the only dude that stayed cool was...Bill Lippert.
  7. ST. MIKE'S GRADUATION - Shoot. You mean another crop of rich, spoiled out-of-state babies are leaving? That's too bad.
  8. BURLINGTON FREE (MONEY-GRUBBING) PRESS PART 2 - Now they're running an ad trying to peddle Memorial Day rememberances or something like that. And they ain't free. I think I'll just bow my head and remember on my own.
  9. MAY WEATHER - Can't you just see it coming. It's gonna be August and people will be wondering where the summer went.


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