WEEKEND HUM (07-21-07)


Sometimes It Pays To Be In The Church Choir -
Guess who's doin' the National Anthem at Fenway this Sunday ?
It's the Essex Men's Choir from the First Congregational Church, and they're performing on Vermont Day at the venerable ball field. Shoot. Maybe I should join the choir. Like tonight!

WVMT Sounding Like College Radio -
What? Did they get struck by lightning? In the past couple of weeks we've heard dead air, back-to-back-to-back PSA's, wrong shows at the wrong times, and canned voices counting down during breaks. Anyone got the scoop?
Speaking of VMT, Ernie will be on vacay this week, and a series of guest hosts will be in the studio, including Peter Shumless blaming someone for something on Wednesday. Should be a fun show, since Charlie leans the other way.

Kennedy Drive To Be Completed in 3016 -
Have you been on Kennedy Drive lately? God, it's a longer wait than the Essex Five Corners. Well... maybe not THAT long, but close. Who's in charge over there, if anyone?

Shelburne Harry Potter Camp Makes NPR - For a solid week, kids got to make potions, play quidditch and carve wands. Now they're getting noticed.
Check out this video from the Free Press and listen to NPR's All Things Considered on Monday morn. Local resident Holly McClintock was one of the stars of a performance given by the campers to an appreciating crowd of thousands, well, maybe hundreds. Okay. 19 people.

Vermont Gardens Besieged By Japanese Beetles -
If your plants are being chomped to death by those pesky beetles, here's a novel approach from a local Master Gardener.
If you have kids, pay them a penny for every beetle they catch. Then drop the pests into a cauldron of hot, soapy water. The beetles, not the kids, wise guy!

Fletcher Allen Omitted from U.S. News & World Report Top 50 Hospitals -
Don't worry, Fletch. Vermont Hum is giving you the award for Best Hospital Macaroni and Cheese.
See. It's not so bad now, is it?

Being Joel Najman -
Do ya like the local deej and his stellar "My Place" gig. Press here for a Najman primer from Seven Days.


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