THURSDAY HUM (10-5-07)

Moose Goes To School
The moose population is growing in Vermont; in the Kingdom they're a dime a dozen.
But when one shows up in Burlington, near Mater Christi school, whatta ya do?

Unfortunately, this moose had to be taken out. If he was tranqued, he might have gone on a furious rush for 3 to 5 minutes, in the schoolyard. Not good. If he was allowed to wander out of the area, not good. The area is too densely populated to take a chance.
You see, it's rutting season for these big boys. They're irritable, frisky and driven by a powerful hormonal force, one ten times stronger than a human urge. Wow!
A full grown bull moose can weigh in at a hefty 1000 pounds and can gallop faster than an 18 year old high school kid running track.
The moose will, at first, stare at you, then it will trot at 20mph, then it will gallop and catch you. Next, it will give you a sound thrashing, using antlers and legs.

Would have been nice to donate the moose meat to the elderly, you know, the ones who use their food money for meds and heat.

Totten Candy
Yeah, ex-Guardian Shay Totten looked like a kid in a candy store on VPR's Vermont This Week. He seemed to take the group chat to higher level; hopefully he'll be a frequent guest.
Why was he on, you ask? What are his new creds?
He said he's VPT's political internet analyst, or something like that. Okay.

Homemaker Fights to Overcome Rubbermaid Addiction
The Onion tells us.

Five Corners Plans Improvements
Essex Junction Five Corners will have a new and improved look in the next year or so. New light signals, crosswalks, etc. It will give us something pretty to look at as we sit there for 3 HOURS!!!

There is also, purportedly, a Papa John's Pizza place planned for the corners. That's great, 'cuz idlers can now sit at the light, order a pie from their cell, run over, pick it up, and eat it -- all before the light changes! Natch!

New Look For Snarkapotamus
Click on the Snark link to the left to visit his brand snarking new site of political mischief.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vermont This Week needs some new blood
Ledbetter good though

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ledbetter still represents status quo media coverage though. Having Totten (and even Philip Baruth) adds to a thoughtful and provoking discussion on Vermont Politics. Take them out and the show is drab!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some names i'd like to see on vermont this week
picard -or someone from seven days

9:52 AM  
Blogger JayV said...

I'd love to see good ol' Snarky Boy trounce 'em all!

11:49 AM  

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