Thursday's Hum (10-11-07)

Missive Man Spanks VPR, Vogelchange
William (Wild Willie) Kevan of Randolph wrote a blistering letter to the Free Press which was published on Tuesday. In the offering, Kevan suggested that VPR biggie Mark Vogelsang was operating the joint in a Clintonesque manner, and the changes put forth by the crunchy crew were shutting off many listeners from the action. Funny stuff.

Peta Hotties Flash Bratt
Two babes, sent by Peta, disrobed last weekend in downtown Brattleboro, much to the delight of passing motorists. We're surprised there wasn't at least one accident.
Meggan and Ali took their clothes off and held a banner which read, "Bare Skin, Don't Wear Skin!"
Shoot, if they had served chicken wings and frosted mugs brimming with Bud, it would have been perfect!
Unfortunately, Vermont Hum was unable to cover this story.
Here's the Bratt Reformer take.

Yankees, BHS, Red Sox, Mount Anthony
How about this. Bennington Banner Sports Dude Adam White manages to weave an interesting column featuring the "asinine Joe Torre death watch", the overrated California/Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels and the unfortunate situation regarding the Burlington/Mount Anthony football game. Great stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the future, go to iBrattleboro for nudity covereage. Not only do some interesting discussions take place but the stories don't get yanked from the website after a week (a la Reformer)!!!

You can still find some discussion going on too... after the fact.

10:59 AM  

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