Friday's Hum (11-2-07)

VPR taking mondo heat lately for changes in programming.
Now comes Karl Lindholm of Shoreham, writing a let to the ed in today's FP, fully castigating My Turn squawker George Jaeger.
You see, Jaegermeister complained that VPR made all the wrong moves - he doesn't need all that talk on 107.9, and the classical music on 90.9 only reaches, like, 6 people.

Here are the grand thoughts from the mighty Hum.

- Most of the talk on 107.9 is good; The Story, Fresh Air and Vermont Edition are particularly informative, with Lindholm's kid Jane (Vermont Edition newbie) receiving high marks for being well prepared and keeping the jabber to a minimum, allowing for copious incisive questions.

- Sorry Lindy, but Classical does not receive well. We're in Essex, we're big Elgar and Bach fans, and we get static, man. We miss the clear signal.
Also, with a lot of us old-timers, we don't have the radios where we can bounce from one station to the next with the 'touch of a button'.
Plus, 90.9 is at a tight part of the dial, with other, stronger stations occasionally bleeding in. It sucks to hear Walter Parker, RUV, the christian station, and Star 92.9 duking it out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a beverage salesman, driving all over ther state, and I used to like the classical to unwind. Now it only comes in half the time.
Tme for satellite.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's all about money!

12:00 AM  

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