SATURDAY'S HUM (01-26-08)

OK. We're kidding. It hasn't gotten that bad. But recently, the BPD has had a ball trying to shore up its depleted corp. Recent hires include individuals having experience in retail sales, office administration and the food industry. The food industry?

Well, I guess the prospect from retail sales would be well-qualified - she's obviously had the opportunity to sharpen her people skills - dealing with upset socially challenged patrons that want their money back.

And the dudes from the food industry - they've had to perform under intense pressure. If you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen!

Oh, and by the way - it's not true that the department has been recruiting at the Five Corners. That's just a vicious rumor.

We stumbled on a well-produced (should there be a hyphen?) blog in our travels; a blog which admits it is..."stubbornly leaning to the left."
Mulish Behavior's publisher is an attorney from Northfield and from his ID photo, he looks like he belongs on "Scrubs".
We really enjoyed his essay regarding the stimulus package; although Mr. Scrubs whines about the shortfalls of the plan, he has the courage to offer his own suggestions, albeit seemingly derivative. But who cares. He's trying to help. We need less citizens watching "Dancing With the Stars" and more citizens trying to tweak policy. Go mule!

Five Corners Update
We were stuck at the Essex Junction Five Corners light facing south. After napping for a while, we woke and noticed a beautiful thread of light coming from...heaven?
After rubbing our eyes, we realized the light stream was not from heaven - it was from Bolton Valley!
What a wonderful display. Here is a local ski area - trying like HELL to secure local biz, with great specials and community involvement - AND a great light show. More power to you, dogs.
We hope you shine on for many years to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it true that the Burlington Police went to a temp agency looking for per diem detectives?

11:14 PM  

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