TUESDAY'S HUM (01-29-08)

Ever wonder what you get with a thirty minute news broadcast?

We did, and decided to chart the local half hour productions. We started with the WCAX 11 P.M. show with Roger Garrity and Kristin Kelley.

11:00 - 11:12 Top stories
11:12 - 11:14 2 minutes of ads with Ford, Dr. Juli Larson, Comcast and another Ford spot.
11:14 - 11:17 News
11:17 - 11:19 2 minutes of ads featuring Lincoln, Green Mountain Care, Dr. Phil and Honda.
11:19 - 11:22 News
11:22 - 11:24 2 minutes of ads with Unicel, Ford, Geico and Toyota.
11:24 - 11:28 News
11:28 - 11:31 Ad featuring DirecTV and a few PSA spots.
11:31 - 11:33 News and sign-off.

Here's the wrap.

  • Within the newscast, we are bombarded with 6 car ads, most of them extremely obnoxious.

  • We are presented with at least 8 minutes of commercials and PSA spots.

  • The Unicel ad is particularly agitating, but at least the individual warns us that she will take 60 seconds to share valuable information that we need to know.

  • Dan Dowling is a big teddy bear, isn't he?

Don't worry, CAX. In the near future, we will be monitoring the Channel 5, Fox and ABC local news. Uh-huh.


This is a story from the Barre Times-Argus that is likely to make one shake one's head and render one speechless.

Exes reunited in separate DUI charges11:38 a.m. January 28, 2008
Staff Report
A man and his ex-wife are each facing charges of drunken driving following two different incidents in Addison County.Vermont State Police said around 10:30 p.m. Saturday they were called to a two-vehicle crash on Richville Road in Shoreham. Police reported Tanya Laporte, 33, drifted over the centerline and crashed her vehicle into another vehicle.Both vehicles sustained extensive damage, though no injuries were reported.Laporte was taken into custody for allegedly driving drunk and possessing marijuana, according to police. About an hour later, her ex-husband, Michael Laporte, 47, was on his way to come pick her up when he failed to make it around curve on Fern Road in Leicester, went off the roadway, and flipped over his pickup before the vehicle came to a stop on its roof, police said.Police said Brandon rescue personnel had to free him from the vehicle. He was also cited to appear in court at a later date on charges of driving with a suspended license and drunken driving, according to police.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way to watch WCAX news is to DVR it and when you play it back skip all the adds. This is true with all news stations including the Networks

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watch the first segment of the channel 3 news and when the first batch of ads come on I flip the TV off and go to bed. I still catch the important stuff.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the vermont man and his ex receiving matching DUI citations has made the natiional news. heard it on ABC this afternoon.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of obnoxious car ads on WCAX... who remembers that Burlington/Shelburne car dealer's ad that begins with the guy pondering buying a car and says... "before I buy my car, I better get a good look at my mother in law?"

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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