Campbell, Mullin and Pearson. No, that's not a legal firm specializing in farming accidents.
Those are the names of three legislators who appeared on today's Vermont Edition with VPR's nouveau etoile Jane (Let's keep it brief) Lindholm.
John Campbell is the dashing Dem from Windsor, Kev Mullin is a Repub from scenic Rutland, and Chris Pearson is the attack progdog from Burlington.
The three combatants were on VE (noon,107.9) outlining their respective parties' priorities, and nonpriorities for the current session.

Campbell - Property tax relief, energy discussions and continuing focus on healthcare
Mullin - Healthcare
Pearson - Healthcare and general affordability issues

- Mullin took exception with a few of Campbell's remarks, especially when Campbell berated the Gov for even thinking about dumping the lottery. Mullin was "disappointed" that Senator Campbell phrased his remarks so negatively and went on to point out inaccuracies in the dashing Dem's statements.
-John Campbell, when asked if everyone would get along, replied rather cheerily that, yes, there would be cooperation and everyone in the statehouse respected each other. Right.
Sounds like JC is running for Governor, huh?
-Both Pearson and Campbell blasted Governor Douglas, which does not bode well for the session upon us. Don't they know that they should use restraint early in the session, and blast away if things aren't happening.
-Whip Mullin sounded like he was ready to defend the realm -- has he been listening to Jim Barnett instructional tapes again?
Very windy yesterday at the Essex Junction Five Corners. Knowing I'd be waiting at the light for 4, maybe 5 hours, I retreived a kite from the trunk of my Prius and got on the hood. I unfurled the 'Wind Flyer' and let 'er go. That kite looked so happy to be soaring high above the intersection.
A fellow idler at the light got out of his Cavalier, walked to Big Lots and purchased a cheap model, one with the name 'Eagle Spirit'.
A minivan mom dug an old kite out of her cargo area and set sail.
We all had a grand time at the intersection, playing like children. Five Corners -- we love you!


Anonymous Doc Ock said...

The spirit(76) is back, great news

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all of you laugh but John Campbell could very well be the next Governor

4:18 PM  

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