FRIDAY'S HUM (4-07-06)

The average Joe/Jane reading a newspaper has virtually no idea how much slant is involved, not only with the text of an article, but with the placement of an article. Some papers are predictable; one can be comfy knowing where the Boston Globe will place certain news stories, as one can also be comfortable guessing where the Wall Street Journal will put a particular piece. Today is an interesting study; with the USA Today, WSJ and NYT leading with the big immigration story while the Washington Post and others going with the Libby thing. The Free Press screams with the Libby piece, and chucks the immigration bill on page 11. Curious.

Just when state auditor Randy Brock starts to get acclimated in his new position, here comes - WHO? - Tom Salmon Jr. saying he might be interested in the job. Yes, the son of former Gov Thomas Salmon is considering a run for the roses. Randy has got to be thinking, "My Gosh, I finally get in here, and now I've got the son of a Governor eyeing my turf." Bet he'd like to call him the son of something else!

Yayyy!! The Sunset Drive-in is opening next week. You know happy days are ahead when the Sunset opens it's doors, er, gate. Now if only Hollywood would make something we can watch.

Big test tonight for Red Sox hurler Matt Clement. As Clement goes, so go the Bosox. He has a good year, they have a good year. With Schill looking strong but Wake looking iffy, it's imperative that Clement rocks.
What do you think of Coco Crisp? In Boston's opener, he struck out in his first two at-bats, and fans started booing. Since, he has set a torrid pace, hitting .357 with four runs scored. He also has been flawless in the field.

The Essex Junction Five Corners intersection was a hub of activity yesterday. While waiting for the interminably long light to change, we noticed idlers getting a lot done in their vehicles. One guy was printing spreadsheets from his laptop, another was sitting on his hood, with tax forms all over the place. A mom was playing Twister with her daughter; luckily the SUV they were in was large enough to accomodate the game. Along with monitoring the action, we were able to listen to the brand new Prince CD, in it's entirety.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wake will be fine, Crisp will make everyone forget about Damon. Until he marries a stripper and she makes him move to New York.

12:22 PM  
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