FRIDAY'S HUM (12-15-06)

Waves gently lapping the shore. Warm sand pliable beneath one's toes. A mild breeze skimming in from the south.
July in Vermont?
Dogs, joggers and amazed saunterers gathered at Burlington's North Beach to enjoy a 51 degree December day, which is not even close to the record 63 degrees set back in 1901, according to the National Weather Service.
The average high for this date is 33 degrees and the record low was a brisk -11, back in '33.

On a related note, George Monbiot's book, HEAT How to Stop the Planet From Burning is generating BIG HUM.


Was singer Kenny Rogers seen walking down State Street in Montpelier?
Nah. It was just another Rogers look-a-like. Have you noticed a ton of guys who look like the venerable country/pop/lounge crooner. You are not alone.

Industrious day at the Essex Junction Five Corners light. The wait was so excrutiatingly long I was able to walk to Big Lots, pick out a pack of embarrassingly inexpensive Christmas cards, return to the car and sign, seal and stamp each one, with time left over.
I walked them over to the village post office, mailed them and scampered back to the intersection. The light still hadn't changed.
So, I had a few tugs of eggnog and...

When I came to, the cell phone was ringing. It was a friend from Montana who had received the card and was calling to extend the best of the season. We were in the midst of a vigorous back and forth on the true meaning of Christmas when the light finally changed. I wished my pal "all the best", and drove to the dollar store, where I was able to start, and finish, my Christmas shopping. Thanks to the Essex Junction Five Corners light, I truly had found the 'spirit of Christmas'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

theres a guy who drives around Brattleboro in an old pickup who looks exactly like Kenny. who knows - maybe it's him!

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you want your bumps read?

Please do not climb the embattlements!

11:33 AM  

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