WEDNESDAY'S HUM (12-27-06)

Were you wondering, as we were, how the latest Rocky would fare at the box office.
After one week, the film has made about 22 million, and has actually garnered a few good reviews, including the Chicago Tribune.
The Good Shepherd, DeNiro's 168 minute depiction of the making of an American spy, has gathered in around 10 mil.


Ever wanted to keep tabs on local gas stations - just to see who's charging what? Well, we're starting a new weekly feature that keeps tabs on eight stations in Essex, where we're based. We figure we'll have fun seeing what each station charges each week.

Latest prices on the right. Dec 4/ Dec 11/ Dec 19/Dec 26

Five Corners Simon's - Mobil - $2.31/$2.31/$2.35/$2.37

Maplefields Essex - Mobil - $2.33/$2.33/$2.35/$2.37

Essex Discount Bevy - Citgo - $2.33/$2.33/$2.33/$2.39

Bushey Sunoco - Full - $2.35/ $2.35/$2.29/$2.39

Dave Whitcomb Citgo - Full - $2.35/$2.35/$2.35/$2.45

Go Go Gas - ? - $2.29/$2.27/$2.35/$2.35

Champlain Farms - Exxon - $2.31/$2.33/$2.37/$2.35

Fairgrounds Bev Citgo - $2.31/$2.33/$2.36/$2.39

Week 4 notes:
  • See how they all jumped up in time for Christmas travel.
  • Dave Whitcomb at $2.45! Geez, Dave - that full service better include a wash and wax!
  • Interesting to see where the price goes after the holidays. We'll be on it.

Excited about the big Barre drug bust? John Walters isn't. He thinks the recent arrests will only make Barre a more lucrative market. Read his thought-provoking letter to the Times-Argus now.


Anonymous chuck g said...

Re: Rocky...

A group of us saw Rocky Balboa and we all liked it! Amazing, considering it was a joke to us before we went in.
It looks like Stallone used the time he had and carefully crafted the flick so it wouldn't be lame.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you kidding?

2:00 PM  
Anonymous t-dog 2 said...

If the Chi Trib gave the film (if you can call it that) a good review, there had to be a financial reason of some sort. Maybe the Trib owns a part of the studio which produced the movie. It's all about money.

8:55 PM  

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