FRIDAY'S HUM (02-16-07)

UPDATE: Saturday, February 17
Well, we saw Sun Ming Ming and he is big. He's so big he makes a 6'10" center look unimposing. We stood next to him and we were, for lack of a better word, speechless. He's not the best basketball player in the world, but hey, who cares! He's 7'9" !

He's got personality (joking with the ref, protesting calls) and has a soft touch, especially at the charity stripe.

Many people came to see Sun but left realizing how good the Vermont Frost Heaves are. The capacity crowd was treated to some good hoop. Keep the Heaves in mind for a good night out.

As a tribute to Sun Ming Ming, we entered this in jumbo type.

We'll see Sun today
Cool. The world's tallest basketball player, Sun Ming Ming, will be at Burlington's Memorial Auditorium tonight at 7 as the Vermont Frostheaves host the Maryland Nighthawks, Ming's team. Rumor has it that the officials will permit the Heaves players to jump on Ming's back as part of their defensive strategy.
Here are some tidbits about Mr. Ming:
  • He's 7'9" and still growing. Doctors say he could reach 10 feet by the time he's 30.
  • He weighs 370 pounds, but doctors say he could go to 500 if he overeats.
  • Ming has a fight scene in Jackie Chan's newest, Rush Hour 3.
  • Watch him dunk on YouTube.
  • We know what you're wondering. How big his feet are, of course! Well they are size 19.
  • If Ming makes it to the NBA, he will be the tallest player ever, jumping over the puny Gheorghe Murasan, who was only 7'7".
  • Ming has reportedly been sampling the American nightlife. Wonder how much he has sampled.
  • He's got his own website, complete with a picture of that annoying shrew, Katie Couric.


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