WEEKEND HUM (07-07-07)


1. 7 Wonders of Vermont - The Free Press is trying hard to round up a list. Well - hey! - we got two for ya.
How about Beverage Warehouse in Winooski. It's a wonder they have so much BEVERAGE!
And how about Basketville. They are much more than baskets, you know. By the way - who's the Mayor of Basketville? Seems like a nice cushy job to us.

2. Energy bill, H.520 starring Vermont Yankee - One of the most talked about initiatives in years. We told you months ago this bill would be vetoed and sustained, and it will.
Great line from Repub chair Rob Roper in My Turn. "Hopefully, Peter Shumlin and House Speaker Gaye Symington will take this lesson to heart, and refocus their energy - efficiently - on building a strong, sustainable, and affordable economic environment..."
Did you get it. The bill is the Vermont Energy Efficiency and Affordability Act and Roper snuck in "...refocus their energy - efficiently - on..." One of the best play on words we've seen this year.
Vermont Yank has a strong lobby, thanks to it's 600+ employees, millions in tax revenues it gives to Bratt and the state, and Dem softening on nuke power, thanks to all the bad press on oil reliance.

3. Why are the Lifts Running at Bolton Valley? - For a very cool reason, beloved. Take the lift up with your trusty mountain bike and cruise down on one of a dozen trails. All for 30 bucks a day.
Beats pickin' your butt with a butter knife.

4. Springfield, Vermont - Home of the Simpsons? - We just heard that Vermont has a great chance (in the top three) of being picked for the new movie. YEEHAW!!!!!!

5. Five Corners Update - Got to the Essex Junction Five Corners just as the light turned red. Darn! Knowing I had hours, possibly days 'til the light went green, I got out my DVD player and watched every Harry Potter movie - TWICE! Had to ready for the new one coming out. Isn't it great that none of the Potter actor kids are in rehab, yet?

6. Vermont Times - Picked up a copy of the Vermont Times yesterday, upping its readership to 12. Just when we were wondering why anyone would grab this paper, we came across a kick-ass crossword puzzle. Truly magnificent! And free! You go, Vermont Times! You rock wickedly.

7. Next Generation Tot Finder in Williston - Yeah, the program is back. The Williston Fire Department has new stickers for your young 'un's bedroom door. The program was changed due to predators seeing the stickers on the outside windows. Now the stickers are placed inside.

8. Vermont Guardian Ad in 2007 Mozart Program - What? Didn't Vermont Guardian fold? Considerable Hum re: the Guardian half page ad in the extravagantly glossy Vermont Mozart Festival summer guide. Maybe it was secured before the VG left the building. Dunno.

9. Free Press Workers Parking at Gutterson? - Well, not quite, but soon they will be scrambling for spots. Freyne's Inside Track scoops the daily.

Bonus 10th Hummer - Please check out Haik's thoughts on, well, lots of things. They're heartfelt, and they're really interesting.

Bye for now. Love you.


Anonymous cbgb/ tree of soul said...

Vermont hum!!! finally another five corners thing. About time, mossheads!!!!!!!

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Dems" might be softening on nuclear power, but the progs aren't!

9:54 AM  

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