MONDAY'S HUM (04-16-07)


  1. SNOWSTORM IN APRIL - Heck, look at the bright side. The white stuff covers up the cigarette butts for another few days.
  2. VERMONTERS FOR OBAMA - Sure, he's admitted doing coke and has just a tad more political experience than Jack McMullen, but hey, he's so gosh darned good looking! And anyone's better than the cold, steely, enchantress of equivocation --- HILLARY!
  3. DOONESBURY AND VERMONT - Trudeau's havin' a ball with the Vt. impeachment thing, but what really hit hard was Sunday's cartoon, spotlighting the infidelities of Mssrs. McCain, Guiliani and Gingrich. Wow! We knew Guiliani and Gingrich cheated, but McCain? Say it ain't so. Mitt's still clean, isn't he?
  4. OH, WHAT A TANGLED CITY COUNCIL WE WEAVE - Kurt Wright is president of the Burlington City Council? Doesn't surprise us. Kurt's like one of those whack-a-moles you see at the arcade - you bop him over the head but it doesn't matter. He just keeps showing up. And what's going on with Tim Ashe. Is he really Peter Freyne's bosses' boyfriend? Does that help? Also, Who do the Dems hate more - the Progs or the Repubs? And will Kurt run for Lieutenant Gov if Dubes runs for Governor? So many questions.
  5. GOVERNOR DOUGLAS, MACHO MAN - Nobody wants to admit it 'cuz Gaye's a good soul, but she is way out of Jocular Jim's league. The Gov can play hardball, albeit in a sophisticated, kinda geeky way. He's got Symington spinning around so fast she could be a major new energy source for the Green Mountain State, replacing, umm, wind power.
  6. BACKWARD BANDIT STILL ANONYMOUS - C'mon! Who is he? We gotta know! Whattdaya mean you can't disclose his name! Bullcrappy!
  7. JAZZ FESTIVAL BLUES - That's it? That's all we get? Chick Corea and Bela Fleck? Damn! Chick WAS okay, but c'mon. Does he still play an instrument? And Bela. Jeez, isn't he in the area every two weeks. Thank heavens Kenny Garrett's comin'. He's cool.
  8. LONERGAN'S BUYING US ALL A ROUND - So what if UVM hoop coach Mike Lonergan makes five times more than an average social service case worker? What's more important? Men's college basketball or domestic abuse?
  9. ANNA,WE HARDLY KNEW YE - The father of Anna's kid has been ascertained. Stop saying Joe McNeil did it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're sick!!! In a good way!!!

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Vermont Hum has nothing to say with Peter Shumlin's hypocrisy on the impeachment resolution? Get a load of the interview he gave with Vermont Daily Briefing:

VDB: Let me just go with the "way to the Left" part for a second. How do you feel about the Jefferson Manual impeachment resolution -

Shumlin: I support it. And I have publicly.

VDB: I know that you signed an online petition

Shumlin: I support it. There's no question that the President and the Vice President lied about the weapons of mass destruction, lied to the American people about the reasons to go to war. And if you can be impeached for a personal indiscretion, as they did to Bill Clinton, then there certainly should be impeachment hearings over lying to the American people that results in death to our citizens. And hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. And a budget mess that our grandchildren will be paying for. It's an outrage.

When I first left this office, when I lost the race for Lieutenant Governor, Bush was marching to war in Baghdad. And I called several of my colleagues in the State Senate and begged them to pass a resolution condemning this war.

And at that time, Walt Freed was the Republican speaker, Jim Douglas had just been elected Governor, and I thought, what an opportunity to do the right thing in the Democratic Senate.

I couldn't prevail. But to answer your question, I think it would be a great thing for Vermonters to move forward on the impeachment process.



10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shumlin would make a grear car salesman

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah... one hand shaking the car buyer's hand while Shummy's other hand gives him the middle finger behind his back!

6:57 PM  

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