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 HUMBUGS - Quick snippets from the control center

* One of our correspondents noticed a Honda Civic with a BUY LOCAL bumpersticker. Huh?

* In Vermont, we have lefty blogs, righty blogs, techie blogs and gardening blogs. Sports blogs, knitting blogs, farming blogs, dirty blogs, clean blogs and music blogs. But do we have any politically centrist blogs or good nonpartisan news blogs that aren't preaching to the choir in one way or another?

* Why are trains allowed to blast 3 gazillion decibel whistles at 11:30 p.m.

* Did you know you could drive to Panton in mid-October and see 20,000 snow geese socializing. Just one of the many reasons we love The Vermont Gardener.

* Are people able to smoke 2 cigarettes at the Essex Junction Five Corners Light before it changes?

Autumn, you are the season about loss.
There is sadness as the leaves drop from your trees.
And I crunch them under my feet.
The sound reminding me of the breaking of hearts when relationships end.
Bareness of trees reminding me I'm getting older as another year comes to an end.
And winter approaches with her loneliness.

Poetry Potpouri
copyright 2000

FIVE CORNERS UPDATE - Essential collection
I was at the Essex Junction Five Corners Light so long this morning my car depreciated 2,000 bucks. I'm not kidding. The guy from Capital in Essex came over while I was idling and said, " Hey, Boy - since you been at this here light , the value of yer car has gone down substansurly." (sic) Writers - don't you love hangin' a sic once in a while. Also, have you noticed more newspapers are putting [sic] in parentheses than brackets. Picky-picky.


March 28 , 2012


Despite the fact that she could leap 12 feet out of her pen, outrun the fastest Vermonter, and deliver a lethal blow in under a minute, Gertie the Emu was pretty cute.

When one is making 190,000k a year or half a mil, or whatever utility high-ups make, it's easy to think that a check to some poor slunk wouldn't make a difference, but guess what?
 76 bones, for a lot of rural Vermont folks, will buy a cartload of kidney beans, or help with the exhaust on the '99 Town & Country, or even pay most of the, um, electric bill for the month. Regular people can use the coin right now.
Most people really don't want the weatherstripping, or the future savings as facilitated 20 months from now by an energy expert - they want the cash. Plain and simple. Fair and square.
So hey CVPS, you are already losing the publicity battle; the negatives are adding up. Just send the check. It won't hurt too much.

Dilemma at the Essex Junction Five Corners Light yesterday. We were stuck behind a dump truck with a big sign on the tailgate stating CONSTRUCTION VEHICLE - DO NOT FOLLOW. Yikes! What do we do? If we can't follow it, do we have to turn around? If we follow it, will we be arrested? And who made the rules about not being to follow this truck?
By the time the light changed, the sign on the truck had weathered and was unreadable so we didn't have to worry. Thank God, 'cuz it was just too much to think about on a Sunday.


March 23 , 2012

Screeched up to Essex Junction Five Corners light today knowing I had a few hours to kill.

I got on the cell and called my techno-guru, insisting he come up with a clicker for me, one that could change the Five Corners light system at my command, therefore allowing me to create a green light whenever I wanted. I was sick of waiting and I wanted answers!

My TG told me the technology to control the Essex Junction Five Corner light system was about a year away, and to hold on.

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